CCL’s Continued Expansion Across the USA

CCL’s Continued Expansion Across the USA

CCL opened its first US office in 2001, primarily providing our services to the Oil and Gas industry in Houston, Texas. Since then the scope and reach of our technical staffing and consultancy services has continued to grow across the country. Over the past 18 months, CCL has placed personnel, consultants, and contractors in 17 new states across major oil and gas, infrastructure, power, renewables, and engineering industries.

During the past 5 years CCL US has placed great importance on the need to diversify in terms of sectors, locations and the services we provide. Even with this expansion into diversified fields we remain fully committed to maintaining a premium quality service to our Clients, Consultants and Candidates.

Not only does the growth of CCL across the US add value to our clients, but we continue to increase our network of highly qualified and skilled professionals seeking to advance their career

Geoff Owen, Director – North America said, “During my 3 years with CCL Global I have had the pleasure of witnessing us break into new sectors and geographies alike throughout the United States. It is through diligent and cohesive teamwork that we are now compliantly supporting clients and projects in over 30 states.”

Chris Maltby, Managing Director – ‘’it’s exciting to see the burgeoning of the US operation from its origins of being a local Houston operation into a fully-fledged diversified US wide operation’’




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