Project of the Year

Project of the Year

CCL Global is 18 months into supporting a major scope of work covering the Engineering, Construction and Commissioning of several offshore facilities on a $7.5 billion mega project. The offshore field development is located in Mexican waters and is testament to the ingenuity and reach of CCL Global’s workforce solution capabilities.

From the beginning of 2020, CCL established itself as a preferred supplier to the Operator client providing highly technical upstream Oil and Gas experts both in the domestic US and at fabrication facilities overseas. In addition to the recruitment offering CCL Global excelled in the following value-added services:

  • Payrolling
  • Work Permitting
  • Logistics and Travel
  • Medical provisions & Emergency service response

The Mexico offshore development had many complex and nuanced facets to it – from multiple locations to complex engineering needs and cross border communication. Considering these challenges, CCL provided a custom plan to improve sourcing efficiencies as well as offer solutions to challenging staffing needs.

Geoff Owen (Director – North America) for CCL said, “This project posed some new challenges to CCL from both a geographical and project size standpoint. Through hard work, ingenuity and the relationship we hold with the end-client, we continue to offer the very best support in technical workforce solutions.”

CCL’s 2020 Project of the Year came as a result of the hard work and dedication of our recruitment and operations team which had to continue to deliver best in class service during and especially difficult year in oil and gas.

CCL Promotes Geoff Owen to Regional Director

CCL Promotes Geoff Owen to Regional Director

We are thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotion of Geoff Owen to Regional Director of the CCL Global Houston office. Geoff joined CCL in 2017 managing and building a presence within the Construction, HSE, and Commissioning disciplines. Geoff brings a vast network and high level of expertise collected over a 10-year span working at some of the industry’s most prestigious technical staffing  companies 

As Regional Director, Geoff is responsible for overseeing the growth and implementation of CCL’s workforce solutions across the United States, Mexico and Canada. In addition to maintaining CCL’s presence within the energy industry, Geoff will champion the effort to continue to diversify the business into new areas where CCL may extend the same level of expertise to new clients and sectors.

Chris Maltby, managing director for CCL, stated, “this promotion is a testament to Geoff’s high level of performance in terms of individual results but also in leading all team members around him into striving for optimum levels of performance. Geoff embodies the Client, Consultant and Candidate first philosophy that CCL is continuing to forge. With Geoff at the helm CCL will continue to expand across North America in order to meet our exciting and challenging objectives.’’

Geoff Owen said “During my time at CCL, I have had the pleasure of working with the best industry professionals I have seen in my 10 years. I am grateful of the recognition and look forward to further developing our dynamic and ever-growing business. With the strength of the internal team and our contractors and clients I am certain we will thrive over the coming years.’’ 

Project Highlight – Tunisia

Project Highlight – Tunisia

CCL has been delivering expert staffing services across the African continent since 1994 and are proud to announce that we recently completed a scope of work in Tunisia which has been selected as our 2020 Project of the Year. CCL managed and administered the payroll as well as the logistical and operational remit of the project commissioning team in the Ghadames Basin.

Our in-country team, in collaboration with CCL UK and CCL US, provided a team of 115 Commissioning Engineers, Technicians and Managers to assist with construction of the 370km pipeline connecting the Central Process Facility of Nawara to the Gabès treatment unit.

“CCL delivered a robust financial solution ensuring seamless tax and payrolling services whilst mobilizing and providing in-country support of over 100 engineers. Our accomplishments on this project are a testament to the quality of our client relationships and clearly understanding both our contractors’ and clients’ expectations. We are proud to offer best in class solutions to our clients that operate throughout the world” – Global Finance Director, Matt Smallwood.

CCL’s Continued Expansion Across the USA

CCL’s Continued Expansion Across the USA

CCL opened its first US office in 2001, primarily providing our services to the Oil and Gas industry in Houston, Texas. Since then the scope and reach of our technical staffing and consultancy services has continued to grow across the country. Over the past 18 months, CCL has placed personnel, consultants, and contractors in 17 new states across major oil and gas, infrastructure, power, renewables, and engineering industries.

During the past 5 years CCL US has placed great importance on the need to diversify in terms of sectors, locations and the services we provide. Even with this expansion into diversified fields we remain fully committed to maintaining a premium quality service to our Clients, Consultants and Candidates.

Not only does the growth of CCL across the US add value to our clients, but we continue to increase our network of highly qualified and skilled professionals seeking to advance their career

Geoff Owen, Director – North America said, “During my 3 years with CCL Global I have had the pleasure of witnessing us break into new sectors and geographies alike throughout the United States. It is through diligent and cohesive teamwork that we are now compliantly supporting clients and projects in over 30 states.”

Chris Maltby, Managing Director – ‘’it’s exciting to see the burgeoning of the US operation from its origins of being a local Houston operation into a fully-fledged diversified US wide operation’’



CCL Global Establishes New Office In Paris

CCL Global Establishes New Office In Paris

CCL was established in the UK in 1981, and since then has made great strides to expand services and offices across the European continent. During that time, CCL has opened offices in Scotland, Norway, and Ireland. Paris was strategically chosen as the next area of expansion due to our growing presence in the nuclear power generation sector as well as a commercially placed CCL office within mainland Europe.  With Paris becoming the epicenter of the nuclear sector, CCL will now offer workforce solutions and in-country support to our clients and contractors based in France

“Over the past 18 months customer demand for our services across France has increased, coupled with the sanction of key Nuclear and Renewable projects we felt it was the optimum time to expand and further increase our service offerings to our existing and future client base, our initial footprint will be Paris, however the teams are already working on plans to expand into Southern France…” said Keith Jones, CCL UK’s Business Director who leads CCL’s client development in France.

“…What can our customers expect from CCL in France? Drawing upon 40 years of staffing solutions experience our partners in France can, and no doubt will expect the same best in class service we provide across the US, Africa and other parts of Europe.”

“The decision to expand our presence into France was a logical step within our overall business growth strategy.’’ Says Managing Director, Chris Maltby. ‘’This is an exciting opportunity to add value to our Clients in France & will ensure the expansion of the CCL’s suite of workforce solution services within the French market.’’




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