CCL US Promotes Alexis Hughes to Senior Consultant

CCL US Promotes Alexis Hughes to Senior Consultant

Please join us in congratulating Alexis Hughes on her promotion to Senior Consultant!

Alexis joined CCL’s Houston office in March of 2020, two days before CCL went remote due to COVID restrictions. Despite undertaking a career move during these challenging conditions, Alexis has shown the resiliency, grit, and effort required to excel in the world of recruitment.

She has identified new clients to aid in CCL’s expansion, as well as strengthened relationships with across key accounts. She has been able to impact multiple areas of business including permanent head hunting services as well as contract placements.

We look forward to seeing Alexis’ continued growth and progress in the coming months and years, well done!

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Is Your Talent Pool Dwindling?

Is Your Talent Pool Dwindling?

As we continue to navigate a series of unprecedented economic events, market shifts, and more competition in the job market, you may have discovered your talent pool is shrinking.

In the energy industry, jobs are on the rise and there is plenty of work to go around, yet companies struggling to find and retain top talent. There’s a lot to consider when addressing this problem, one major aspect making an even more difficult challenge is inflation. With inflation on a historic rise, wages are struggling to keep up or falling behind altogether (in June, the U.S. inflation rate accelerated to 9.1%, the highest since November 1981).

Inflation has become the main point of discussion when executives are pondering the issue of staffing and retention. At CCL, we are taking proactive steps to help clients navigate these challenges by giving real-time insights and solutions.

Three areas that CCL has helped clients find success are:

  • Workforce Cost/Expenditures: Proactively engage with Contracts & Procurement departments to analyze workforce budgets and contractor wages that are affected by inflation. Provide informed recommendations on salary adjustments to improve retention while staying within budget.
  • Competitor Mapping: Conduct market mapping exercises to identify other projects that pose a risk to retention. We deliver insights to Project Directors and Project Stakeholders in an effort to reduce the risk of teams/contractors leaving for other projects in the industry (especially jobs with slightly higher pay). CCL helps inform decisions so our clients can keep their project teams intact.
  • Compensation Reports: Provide in-depth reports and data gathered by CCL on current compensation rates and benefits packages. This data gives employers a real-time look at what other options candidates are considering within their industry. This helps clients eliminate the guesswork when developing compensation packages and benefits.

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Other aspects to consider are health insurance, childcare and remote working. We all know the demand for remote work is on the rise. However, this has also been the catalyst for employees to reconsider what is important to them.

It is hard to calculate all these factors and know how they might pose a risk to your organization. As a specialist agency, CCL has more than 40 years of experience navigating the ups and downs of the energy industry and its effects on the workforce. Utilize our expert insights that can help you evaluate your staffing requirements to find and keep top talent.


Peter Maltby, Founder and Chairman of CCL, Passes Away

Peter Maltby, Founder and Chairman of CCL, Passes Away

It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of Peter Maltby, Founder and Chairman of CCL Global at the age of 76 on 12th December 2021. Peter leaves behind his beloved wife of 46 years, Brigid, three sons, Chris, David & Edward and three Grandchildren, Abby, Max & Yena.

Peter, who began his career as a talented Civil Engineer before moving into the heady world of Contracts Management with NATO, Bechtel and KBR in the 1970s. There, his eye for detail and diligence was perfect for this remit and was duly noticed by his superiors as he moved up the ranks.

Due to the demand of international travel, Peter look for a business opportunity that would keep him closer to home and his young family. In 1981, Peter founded CCL within the burgeoning technical staffing and project consultancy industry in the oil and gas sector. He soon realized that this relatively new commercial space of supplying senior consultants to independent oil, gas and engineering companies had long-term commercial viability and real opportunity attached to it.

CCL had consistent and continuous success for the next several decades within the oil and gas sector and continues to thrive to present day providing a multitude of project and client services within diversified sectors.

Peter’s ethos was to run CCL in the manner that would treat clients, consultants, assigned personnel and internal staff the same, which he believed was not only the right thing to do but also the model that has set CCL down a successful path.

Christopher Maltby, Peter’s son and Managing Director of CCL ‘’Dad built an international business from scratch that was not only a commercial success, but a venture he thoroughly enjoyed. Especially forging numerous friendships and joyful experiences with clients, consultants, international partners and staff across the past 40 years. From a personal standpoint, I will miss him dearly for his positive, energetic spirit as well as what he has done for me during my lifetime. He was truly a fantastic father, mentor, boss and hero to not only myself but my two brothers. He taught me so much of life, endless amounts of wisdom within the business sphere and I wouldn’t be where I am now without him. He will be sorely missed by family, friends and everyone who knew him. In his honor, we will endeavor to manage the company in the same manner in which it was founded and managed for the past 40 years.’’

Through Peter’s vision and tenacity, CCL has flourished over the decades during numerous industry booms and busts. As a result, over 40 years later, CCL remains a family-run business operating in numerous countries throughout the world and across multiple diversified sectors.

His son, Christopher Maltby, CCL’s current Managing Director replaces his father as CCL’s Chairman.

CCL US Promotes Arlene Johnson to HR & Administration Manager

CCL US Promotes Arlene Johnson to HR & Administration Manager

We are thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotion of Arlene Johnson to HR & Administration Manager. Arlene joined CCL in 2013, and has proven herself to be a critical part of CCL’s core operations.

“Because of strong leadership and inspiring mentors within the CCL family, I have been able to achieve various professional and personal goals. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great team and look ahead to a bright future full of possibility and excitement. It has truly been a rewarding experience watching the growth of CCL and being part of it all,” said Arlene.

During the most challenging of times where operational compliance and HR requirements are a constantly changing landscape, Arlene has endeavored to stay committed to our clients, consultants and to our staff by providing unique solutions to these challenges.

The role of HR, Administration and Operations has expanded over the past several years as CCL continues to expand, and our clients continue to adopt new requirements, Arlene’s diligence in managing these functions has allowed CCL to continue to operate at the highest industry standards.

Chris Maltby, Managing Director, said, ” Arlene has been an integral part of the CCL US expansion over the past decade. Not only does Arlene work extremely hard for our Clients, Consultants and Employees she is a joy to work with and represents the CCL brand to the highest degree.”


CCL Joins UK’s Kickstart Program to Start the Summer

CCL Joins UK’s Kickstart Program to Start the Summer

Oliver Morse joined CCL’s recruitment team in late May through the UK’s jobs initiative, Kickstart. CCL partnered with the program as part of our focus to help revitalize the workforce, especially for young professionals looking to start their career.

The program is designed to focus on those aged 16-24 that are looking to gain real-world experience but are at risk of long-term unemployment as a result of current restrictions.

“CCL was the perfect choice for me and my career, giving me the platform to work in a global business and expand my knowledge of the industry,” Oliver said. CCL places an emphasis on the learning, development and mentorship of young professionals, setting their career on the right trajectory.  

If you meet the qualifications for the Kickstart program, we would love to hear from you and add you to our team of Kickstart apprentices, please contact to find out more.



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