Meeting Rising Energy Demands in a Changing Landscape

Meeting Rising Energy Demands in a Changing Landscape

As global markets place more emphasis on the risks of climate change, the EU has become more conscious of its carbon footprint than ever before. The EU has stated that by 2030, they will cut carbon emissions by at least 55%. This, coupled with fuel shortages across the globe, has led to the question of where will our energy come from?

Renewable energy technologies such as solar, hydro and wind, are becoming more viable, however there are still barriers surrounding cost efficiencies and reliability. As the energy market explores solutions to this problem, we will begin to see a resurgence in nuclear energy.

In 2019, renewable energy represented 19.7 % of the 935 Mtoe (Million Tonnes of oil equivalent) of energy consumed in the EU, only 0.3 % short of the next years target of 20 %. Over the next decade, Europe will aim to increase this by an additional 12% (32% total), Increasing by 115.005 Mtoe from 184.195 to 299.2 Mtoe based on 2019’s figures.

Europe’s low carbon leaders; Sweden, Finland, and Latvia, are already sourcing half, and in some cases more than half, of their energy via renewable sources at 56.4%, 43.1% and 41% respectively, leaving tough competition for the rest of Europe. Region-wide carbon tax increases and proposed bans on gas appliances in the UK by 2025, tells the tale of an energy landscape more reliant on renewable sources.

However, there are still industries that are heavy producers of carbon that pose a challenge. For example, Sweden may struggle to phase carbon completely out as their transport sector, and the rest of Europe for that matter, still rely largely on fossil fuels. Transport makes up a huge 30.9% of Europe’s energy consumption, a large percentage that cannot be ignored. While there are solutions revolving around the electrification of our vehicles and implementation of low emission zones, these measures will hardly make enough of an impact on our emissions, especially when there are more immediate solutions within other industries.

Dating back to 2019, the sectors that account for approximately 70% of energy consumption are households, heavy industrial services and agriculture. The majority of this generated from traditional power plants. The transition to carbon-free must be a smooth one to meet energy demands whilst gradually reducing our emissions.

So how can Europe make this necessary transition smoothly? Through nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy has come a long way in the last decade, and is safer and more cost effective than ever. As a result, government officials in UK and France notice the importance in maintaining and developing nuclear energy sources when faced with the urgency of carbon emission reduction. Nuclear power plants are a competitive choice, especially when compared to their fossil fuel counterparts who are regulated and receive carbon taxing. Not only this, but after the costly construction price they are relatively inexpensive to run during their 60-year lifespan.

Global energy demands have been predicted to increase by 1.9% per annum until 2040. Additionally, 750,000 construction workers are said to retire between now and 2036. Nuclear projects such as Hinkley Point C as well as plans for Sizewell C will attempt to revitalize the industry by attracting younger workers, reinforcing the construction workforce, and helping meet energy demands whilst reducing emissions.

As a business, CCL always aims to support the wider economy and add value to our clients, especially as they expand into emerging or difficult markets. Even during the pandemic, our Nuclear division grew rapidly, and we offered continued support to projects like HPC, ITER, Sizewell C and OL3 across Europe. Our Nuclear team has over 15 years of recruitment industry specific experience and a network of over 50k qualified nuclear professionals. We are looking to grow further in coming months and will open new offices across the region, if you want to be part of this journey, get in touch with our recruitment team in London.

-Written by EMEA Associate Director, Zeeshan Mehtab (data sourced by Oliver Morse)

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CCL UK Director Jon Cox Volunteers at Vaccine Clinic

CCL UK Director Jon Cox Volunteers at Vaccine Clinic

In such a time where so many have struggled to maintain a sense of normalcy, the world is embracing the opportunity to resume life as they knew it. Coronavirus has been, and continues to be, a tragic and devastating force on the world. However, hope is now spreading as vaccines are being rolled out across the globe, and the demand for front line workers has never been higher. However, with the help and assistance from volunteers working at vaccine centers, more and more people are gaining much needed access.

CCL takes pride whenever our employees go above and beyond, and in this case, we would like to take the opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation to, Jon Cox, CCL’s UK Regional Director. Over the past several months, Jon has been a regular volunteer at newly established vaccine centers in London. It is at one such center Jon was volunteering where VIP London Mayor, Sadiq Khan received his injection.

During this time of pandemic restrictions, Jon also worked diligently to repatriate CCL consultants who were working abroad during international shutdowns in order to ensure safe and available mobilization solutions.

There is still a lot to do, especially in remote areas of the world, where many of our projects take place, however we thank Jon, and the thousands more like him, for volunteering their time and resources to do their part in conquering this global issue.

CCL Appoints New Associate Directors

CCL Appoints New Associate Directors

CCL Global are excited to announce the promotion of both Paul Popovic and Zeeshan Mehtab, to the positions of Associate Director – North America and EMEA Associate Director of Energy, respectively. Both Paul and Zeeshan initially joined CCL’s recruitment function, bringing a collective 20 years of experience to the team.

Paul’s professional portfolio with CCL has been second-to-none with regards to growth and saturation amongst some of the energy industry’s leading clients, including assembly of full project teams and the diversification of CCL’s business into other energy subsectors. As a result of Paul’s efforts, CCL’s engineering and project services division has more than doubled in size over the past 3 years.

Geoff Owen, Regional Director – North America said, “Over the past few years, Paul has proven himself to be at the bedrock of CCL’s success in North America. He offers outstanding service to clients and contractors alike, as well as assisting with the development of our business’ strategic direction. He deserves nothing less than this promotion and I speak for the entire CCL Global family when I say we are privileged to have someone of Paul’s caliber on the team.”

Zeeshan has been tasked with leading CCL’s efforts across the EMEA region to not only expand our client base but diversify our services across multiple industries and sectors, of which there have been numerous successes and important client awards.

Keith Jones, EMEA Business Director said, “Zeeshan strives to add value to our customers and continuously creates opportunities for the CCL community. Zeeshan provides a solid platform for our staff to succeed especially with his mentoring and stewardship within the sales and commercial teams. Zeeshan contains all traits that embody being a CCL employee. This is a thoroughly deserved promotion and we look forward to watching his continued success at CCL.”

The decision for CCL to make these appointments comes at a time when we are excited to highlight our growth, not only internally, but as exciting new prospects arise across the globe. We look forward to the continued service and expertise of both Paul and Zeeshan. 

CCL Joins Sizewell C Consortium

CCL Joins Sizewell C Consortium

CCL Global is excited to announce our participation in the Sizewell C Consortium, comprised of more than 100 companies who are actively promoting the United Kingdom’s exciting, green economic advancement into clean energy. As the energy industry remains turbulent during challenging times, CCL is proud to take part in the effort to lead British companies into a new era of forward-thinking, low carbon power generation.

CCL UK Associate Director, Zeeshan Mehtab, said “Joining the Sizewell C consortium was the natural step for CCL as we continue to expand our Nuclear portfolio and successes on the Hinkley Point C & ITER projects. This initiative will generate in excess of £14 billion of revenue to local businesses whilst ensuring we continue to reduce our carbon footprint This win-win situation can only create positive outcomes for the UK economy.”

To learn more about Sizewell C and its participants, visit

Project of the Year

Project of the Year

CCL Global is 18 months into supporting a major scope of work covering the Engineering, Construction and Commissioning of several offshore facilities on a $7.5 billion mega project. The offshore field development is located in Mexican waters and is testament to the ingenuity and reach of CCL Global’s workforce solution capabilities.

From the beginning of 2020, CCL established itself as a preferred supplier to the Operator client providing highly technical upstream Oil and Gas experts both in the domestic US and at fabrication facilities overseas. In addition to the recruitment offering CCL Global excelled in the following value-added services:

  • Payrolling
  • Work Permitting
  • Logistics and Travel
  • Medical provisions & Emergency service response

The Mexico offshore development had many complex and nuanced facets to it – from multiple locations to complex engineering needs and cross border communication. Considering these challenges, CCL provided a custom plan to improve sourcing efficiencies as well as offer solutions to challenging staffing needs.

Geoff Owen (Director – North America) for CCL said, “This project posed some new challenges to CCL from both a geographical and project size standpoint. Through hard work, ingenuity and the relationship we hold with the end-client, we continue to offer the very best support in technical workforce solutions.”

CCL’s 2020 Project of the Year came as a result of the hard work and dedication of our recruitment and operations team which had to continue to deliver best in class service during and especially difficult year in oil and gas.


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