CCL’s Continued Expansion Across the USA

CCL’s Continued Expansion Across the USA

CCL opened its first US office in 2001, primarily providing our services to the Oil and Gas industry in Houston, Texas. Since then the scope and reach of our technical staffing and consultancy services has continued to grow across the country. Over the past 18 months, CCL has placed personnel, consultants, and contractors in 17 new states across major oil and gas, infrastructure, power, renewables, and engineering industries.

During the past 5 years CCL US has placed great importance on the need to diversify in terms of sectors, locations and the services we provide. Even with this expansion into diversified fields we remain fully committed to maintaining a premium quality service to our Clients, Consultants and Candidates.

Not only does the growth of CCL across the US add value to our clients, but we continue to increase our network of highly qualified and skilled professionals seeking to advance their career

Geoff Owen, Director – North America said, “During my 3 years with CCL Global I have had the pleasure of witnessing us break into new sectors and geographies alike throughout the United States. It is through diligent and cohesive teamwork that we are now compliantly supporting clients and projects in over 30 states.”

Chris Maltby, Managing Director – ‘’it’s exciting to see the burgeoning of the US operation from its origins of being a local Houston operation into a fully-fledged diversified US wide operation’’



CCL Global Establishes New Office In Paris

CCL Global Establishes New Office In Paris

CCL was established in the UK in 1981, and since then has made great strides to expand services and offices across the European continent. During that time, CCL has opened offices in Scotland, Norway, and Ireland. Paris was strategically chosen as the next area of expansion due to our growing presence in the nuclear power generation sector as well as a commercially placed CCL office within mainland Europe.  With Paris becoming the epicenter of the nuclear sector, CCL will now offer workforce solutions and in-country support to our clients and contractors based in France

“Over the past 18 months customer demand for our services across France has increased, coupled with the sanction of key Nuclear and Renewable projects we felt it was the optimum time to expand and further increase our service offerings to our existing and future client base, our initial footprint will be Paris, however the teams are already working on plans to expand into Southern France…” said Keith Jones, CCL UK’s Business Director who leads CCL’s client development in France.

“…What can our customers expect from CCL in France? Drawing upon 40 years of staffing solutions experience our partners in France can, and no doubt will expect the same best in class service we provide across the US, Africa and other parts of Europe.”

“The decision to expand our presence into France was a logical step within our overall business growth strategy.’’ Says Managing Director, Chris Maltby. ‘’This is an exciting opportunity to add value to our Clients in France & will ensure the expansion of the CCL’s suite of workforce solution services within the French market.’’



Supporting Our Workforce Across the Globe – Africa Edition

Supporting Our Workforce Across the Globe – Africa Edition

During these unprecedented and challenging times, CCL’s support services remain uninterrupted for our contractors and workforce across the world. In a year that has seen a lot of employment uncertainty and marketplace volatility, we would like to take the opportunity to wish our African partners, clients, contractors and employees good health and a speedy return to normal.

With travel restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, it is imperative to promote high calibre national personnel across the African continent. During our time working in the region, we have made diligent efforts to support highly qualified nationals and place them on local assignments whenever possible.

Having worked in Africa for close to 30 years CCL have a vast database of project-ready and exceptionally qualified local personnel. In the last 10 years, CCL have gained a vast depth of African expertise having supported several major projects across the energy, power, renewables and mining industries.

Examples of disciplines in which CCL have high calibre project teams throughout the region

Stakeholder Engagement, RAP Implementation and Community Relations
Contracts, Procurement/Supply Chain
Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Environmental)
ESIA Specialists
Human Resources Managers
Local Content Advisors
GIS Specialists
Capacity Building/Training
Finance and Administration
Project Controls



Sub-Saharan Africa Project Highlight

Sub-Saharan Africa Project Highlight

Mozambique Bespoke Client Support

CCL have successfully completed the delivery of a 14-month-long project alongside a long-term regional client in Mozambique. On short notice, our client received a project award refurbishing an electrical substation on the outskirts of Maputo. Given the short notice, this gave limited time to mobilise and undertake the delivery of their scope of work.

Due to the short lead time and our client’s limited experience in Mozambique, CCL developed a bespoke plan in collaboration with our client which allowed them to focus solely on the engineering aspects of their scope. CCL acted as their in-country vehicle for all requirements related to the mobilisation of an international workforce whilst financing and managing their immediate procurement requirements.

Services provided and procured by CCL on this project included:

Recruitment and employment of both local and expatriate personnel
HR support and policy implementation
Payrolling which included fully compliant, in-country taxes and contributions
Mobility including flights, transfers and local induction for expatriates
Work/Residency permits for foreign nationals
Housekeeping services
In-country transport (vehicles and drivers)
IT support
Office space and furniture

CCL Mozambique Country Director Joao Teixeira stated, “CCL’s deep knowledge of the Mozambican market, coupled with our ability to tailor turnkey services at short notice was instrumental in maximising our client’s capacity to deliver this project. CCL’s ability to provide bespoke solutions to complex challenges demonstrably impacted our client’s success in both the award and delivery of their scope of work. Knowing that such a facility is available to them gives our clients the confidence and capacity to tender on opportunities that they might normally overlook.”


CCL Promotes Tracy Chalmers to Finance Manager

CCL Promotes Tracy Chalmers to Finance Manager

We are thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotion of Tracy Chalmers as the new Finance Manager of CCL Global Houston office. Tracy joined CCL in 2015 and has played a major role in the growth of CCL by managing the expanding finance and invoicing department.

Tracy’s background in finance working within the Oil & Gas recruitment industry allows her to understand the needs of our clients and consultants alike. Her tenure with CCL has helped us expand our operations and allows CCL to provide first class service to our clients and consultants. 

Chris Maltby, managing director for CCL, stated, “We rely on Tracy’s expertise and work ethic on a day-to-day basis, and she has proven herself as one of the most dedicated and hard-working employees over these past 5 years. I am pleased to congratulate her on a well-deserved promotion with us and look forward to many more years of having her with the company.”

“I am thankful for the opportunity that CCL has afforded me through this promotion to Finance Manager and looking forward to assisting in CCL’s growth and achieving our goals together.” – stated Tracy.


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