Oliver Morse joined CCL’s recruitment team in late May through the UK’s jobs initiative, Kickstart. CCL partnered with the program as part of our focus to help revitalize the workforce, especially for young professionals looking to start their career.

The program is designed to focus on those aged 16-24 that are looking to gain real-world experience but are at risk of long-term unemployment as a result of current restrictions.

“CCL was the perfect choice for me and my career, giving me the platform to work in a global business and expand my knowledge of the industry,” Oliver said. CCL places an emphasis on the learning, development and mentorship of young professionals, setting their career on the right trajectory.  

If you meet the qualifications for the Kickstart program, we would love to hear from you and add you to our team of Kickstart apprentices, please contact keith.jones@cclglobal.com to find out more.



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