In such a time where so many have struggled to maintain a sense of normalcy, the world is embracing the opportunity to resume life as they knew it. Coronavirus has been, and continues to be, a tragic and devastating force on the world. However, hope is now spreading as vaccines are being rolled out across the globe, and the demand for front line workers has never been higher. However, with the help and assistance from volunteers working at vaccine centers, more and more people are gaining much needed access.

CCL takes pride whenever our employees go above and beyond, and in this case, we would like to take the opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation to, Jon Cox, CCL’s UK Regional Director. Over the past several months, Jon has been a regular volunteer at newly established vaccine centers in London. It is at one such center Jon was volunteering where VIP London Mayor, Sadiq Khan received his injection.

During this time of pandemic restrictions, Jon also worked diligently to repatriate CCL consultants who were working abroad during international shutdowns in order to ensure safe and available mobilization solutions.

There is still a lot to do, especially in remote areas of the world, where many of our projects take place, however we thank Jon, and the thousands more like him, for volunteering their time and resources to do their part in conquering this global issue.


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