Energy Sectors

At CCL, for 35 years we have been very hydrocarbon, just as the world has been. Fossil fuel accounts for 81% of World Energy Consumption, with Nuclear accounting for just 6%, and all Renewables combined 13%, even if Solar and Geothermal Energy have the potential to power the world many times over. Oil is the world’s largest energy resource, at 33%, although Coal grew in 2009 to 27%.

So E&P, Transport, Refining & Marketing of hydrocarbons also consumes 80% of CCL’s energy! But CCLs Consultants are ideally placed to deliver in all areas of the Energy Sector.

We also believe that people’s careers follow trajectories, so once someone has started out on a career path in the culture of an industry, they rarely switch to Commercial or Finance sectors, along the Thinks, People and Money school of career counselling. Clients also tend to prefer to hire from within their own sector. However we do think that Engineers, Managers, Specialists and Project Professionals cross-over well between industrial sectors.

We cannot really do justice on this website to the full range of Energy sectors, but here is a our short take, some fast facts, on the sort of industries our Consultants work in.

Energy Sectors

In 2008, total worldwide energy consumption was 474 exajoules (132,000 TWh), equivalent to an average power use of 15 terawatts.

Energy Source 1990 2000 2008
Fosil TWh 83374 94493 117076
Fosil % 81% 80% 80%
Nuklear TWh 6113 7857 8283
Nuklear % 6% 7% 6%
Renewable TWh 13082 15337 18492
Renewable % 13% 13% 13%
Total TWh 102569 117687 143851

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