15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving Jobs

There are plenty of exciting opportunities out there for someone with your skillset and experience.
The challenge is finding a role that aligns with where you are right now, as well as where you’d like to go.

Question 1:
What are my primary reasons for wanting to leave my current job?

Question 2:
What specific aspects of my current job do I want to change or improve upon in my next role?

Question 3:
What are my career goals, and how does this job opportunity align with them?

Question 4:
What type of company culture am I looking for, and does this organization embody these values?

Question 5:
What opportunities for growth and advancement does this job offer compared to my current position?

Question 6:
What type of company culture am I looking for, and does this organization embody those values?

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Question 7:
How does the compensation package, including salary, benefits, and perks, compare to my current situation?

Question 8:
What level of job security and stability does this opportunity provide?

Question 9:
What are the expectations for performance and success in this role, and am I prepared to meet them?

Question 10:
How does the team dynamic and management style align with my working preferences?

Question 11:
Have I researched the company thoroughly, including its reputation, financial stability, and industry standing?

Question 12:
Am I excited about the work I would be doing in this role, and does it align with my interests and strengths?

Question 13:
What potential challenges or obstacles do I foresee in this new role, and how can I address them?

Question 14:
What opportunities does this job offer for continued learning, skill development, and career growth?

Question 15:
What is my gut feeling or intuition about this opportunity?

We know talent when we see it, and we’re experts at matching the right person with the right position. Our consultative approach means we’re there for you from the moment you start applying to your first weeks on the job.

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