Delivering exceptional service and compliant workforce solutions across the globe

The story of CCL

Established in 1981, our family-owned and privately run business continues to provide exceptional talent and workforce solutions across the energy, construction, manufacturing, and automotive tech landscape. 

Our Founder, Peter Maltby, believed in doing things the right way and throughout the years, we’ve grown organically, successfully expanding into new markets and territories. We intentionally set up our international offices locally and partner with local entities in the regions we’ve settled in, allowing us to provide hands-on, regional knowledge and support and add value to our clients, consultants, and the candidates we work with. 

The key principles of Quality, Integrity, and Community, which we started with five decades ago, can still be recognised across our personalized services and the long-term relationships we build with our network. 

Although Peter sadly passed away in December 2021, his son Chris, Managing Director (along with his senior management) continues to carry the business forward. Together, they focus on building on our heritage and securing CCL as an integral part of the past, present, and future of those we serve.

Industries we operate in:




Automotive Tech

How we do it

We place our valued clients and incredible candidates at the center of everything we do, always striving to deliver exceptional and dependable service to everyone we work with. We believe that this is the key to our long-lasting relationships in the industry.

Where we work

We’re a global organization, operating in three regions with 8 offices, allowing us to offer local support with a worldwide footprint.

North America

As the North American regions become one of the largest producers and exporters of energy, CCL provides the best talent across major projects throughout multiple energy sectors.

Regional Director:
Geoff Owen 

[email protected]

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Meet the team

Chris Maltby

Managing Director

Chris is the engine behind CCL’s operation. He is responsible for managing the global day-to-day operations and holds the company’s workforce solutions to the highest standards. With over 20 years of experience, Chris has been with CCL since it‘s global expansion and is committed to ensuring that CCL provides excellent service to all its clients.

Matthew Smallwood

Group Finance Director

Matt is an ACA-qualified accountant with 20 years of experience in the global recruitment industry. He has a proven track record of success at PwC and has extensive experience in managing and improving financial teams and operations. With Matt’s expertise, CCL has benefited from his wealth of knowledge, from tax compliance to strategic financial planning

Robert Daniel

Director, Marketing & Strategic Development

With 10 years of experience in enterprise growth and customer journey optimization, Robert leverages his expertise to create seamless, personalized experiences for CCL’s audience. Robert knows what it takes to develop and execute marketing plans that drive measurable results. With his impressive track record and marketing acumen, Robert has led the charge for CCL to realize its marketing and strategic goals.

Geoff Owen

Regional Director, North America

Geoff Owen is an accomplished Director with over a decade of experience in energy-related staffing. As the Regional Director of North America at CCL, he is responsible for driving the company’s workforce solutions across the Energy, Civil, Power, and Heavy Industrial industries. With his extensive knowledge of the industry and dedication to expanding CCL’s North American footprint, Geoff is poised to take the company to new heights.

Greg Clarke

Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa

Greg Clarke is responsible for overseeing the operation and expansion of CCL’s network of companies in the region. Greg has a proven track record of delivering workforce solutions to capital projects, leading delivery of local content, and building strong community relations. Having lived and worked on five different continents, Greg brings a wealth of international experience and is committed to driving sustainable growth and development across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Zeeshan Mehtab

EMEA Business Director

Zeeshan Mehtab is CCL’s EMEA Business Director with over a decade of recruitment and staffing experience in the energy industry. After joining CCL in 2018, Zeeshan has earned his spot at the helm of CCL’s headquarter office in London; leading the charge into new European and North African markets by leveraging his knowledge of workforce solutions across the nuclear & power industries.

Paul Popovic

Associate Director, North America

Paul Popovic has proven himself as a top-class recruitment professional and top performer. Paul’s technical knowledge of the energy sector and his experience within recruitment give him unparalleled credibility when consulting with clients and candidates alike. With Paul as CCL’s Associate Director, he brings the business expertise in identifying and executing new enterprise opportunities and ability to build high-performing teams that deliver exceptional quality services.

Joao Teixeira

Country Director, Mozambique

Joao is tasked with leading CCL’s in-country workforce solutions and client delivery in Mozambique since 2018. His deep knowledge of the Mozambique market, coupled with his experience delivering project solutions, Joao is the perfect partner for CCL’s clients operating major projects in region. He leads a team that is dedicated to providing bespoke workforce solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients and personnel.

Diego Toro

Recruitment Manager, UK

Diego is a recruitment expert with over 12 years of experience in the energy industry. He specializes in Project Services and Engineering disciplines, making him the go-to professional for any recruitment needs in these fields. As a leader of a multidisciplinary team, Diego is dedicated to managing and expanding CCL’s business within the Nuclear and Power markets, while also leading the delivery function in UK and France.

Edson Marrengula

Recruitment Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa

Edson is a recruitment expert and manager dedicated to sourcing and identifying the most skilled workforce to support CCL’s clients and major projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. With his deep understanding of the local workforce, Edson is passionate about supporting local content and the development of local talent. His expertise in identifying and nurturing talent, makes him an invaluable partner to CCL and our clients.

Msika Mwakyosi

HR Manager, Tanzania

Msika is a seasoned HR management professional with over 12 years of experience in Tanzania. He is dedicated to providing bespoke, best-in-class services to CCL’s clients and personnel. With an extensive knowledge of HR management practices and regulations, Msika ensures that CCL’s personnel are well taken care of, allowing them to focus on their work and helping clients achieve their goals.

Arlene Johnson

HR Manager, North America

Arlene Johnson is an HR and Administrative manager with over 20 years of experience delivering trusted workforce solutions, workforce management, and administrative expertise. Arlene’s knowledge has helped CCL navigate the challenges of a scaling workforce and understanding regulatory and administrative requirements for our clients. Her reputation for trust, empathy and understanding has helped shape the landscape of CCL’s workforce across North America.

Tracy Chalmers

Finance Manager, North America

With over a decade of experience in finance and accounting within the recruitment industry, Tracy manages CCL’s rapidly expanding financial operations. She not only runs the day-to-day function of the finance department in CCL’s Houston office, but also acts as the primary focal point for clients for all financial related matters. Tracy’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry helps her keep CCL’s financial mechanisms in line with company goals.

Kamilla Fronczek

Finance Manager, UK

As an experienced Accounting and Finance professional with over 17 years of expertise in the EU and UK, Kamilla is equipped to handle any financial challenge across international markets. With a Master’s Degree in Accountancy & Finance and postgraduate studies in Modern Management Accounting & Finance, Kamilla has proven to be a valuable asset to the CCL team, managing the UK and African financial teams from our London office.

Grace Obedi

Finance Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa

Grace is a Finance Manager with a wealth of experience in accounting, audit, tax, and advisory services. With five years of experience supporting a portfolio of clients from a wide range of industries, Grace has the expertise to provide bespoke financial solutions for our clients. Her knowledge of Sub-Saharan Africa’s financial landscape makes her an invaluable partner for businesses looking to expand their operations in the region.

Join the team

CCL is a global organization with opportunities in 10 offices situated in three regions across the world. We’re a people-centric business and value our company culture and employees above all else. If you’d like to join our extended workforce, submit your CV and we’ll get back to you.