LNG & Midstream Case Study

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We have access to a global market of energy experts across a wide range of disciplines. Our team has delivered tailor-made services to some of the most notable LNG and pipeline projects in the world. 

Outlook on U.S. Markets

Over the past five years, the LNG and midstream sector in the U.S. has seen significant growth and made a huge impact on global markets. The U.S. has emerged as a major player in the global LNG market. Attracting more investments and existing infrastructure expansion. As a result, demand for carbon capture and hydrogen integration is on the rise. Advancements in LNG technology is driving project development in these areas.

Demand for Staffing

A steady increase in workforce demand in the LNG and midstream sector has caused a pinch in availability of talent with specific skills. There has been an ongoing need for engineering, construction and commissioning roles to support ongoing expansion of the sector. Wage growth as a result has seen a steady increase and is considered one of the higher paying sectors on the market.

Bespoke Workforce Solutions

Our clients are made up of both local and global owners, operators, EPCs and consultancies. Some of our clients include the most notable companies in the industry where we have more than five decades of experience hiring the top experts for their project teams.

Venture Global
Plaquemines LNG
Cameron LNG
Elba Island Liquefaction
Cove Point LNG
Golden Pass LNG
Woodfibre LNG
Mozambique LNG
Nigeria LNG

Our services are utilized across a wide range of project phases and lifecycles – mainly during peak workforce demand such as EPC and O&M. The services we provide can be used on their own, or combined to provide a bespoke solution to fit your organizational needs.

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energy conference room

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