Timing is Everything: Critical Steps to Closing Job Offers

Timing is crucial in getting feedback from hiring managers and responsiveness from candidates, it can make or break your success rate in filling your company vacancies.

Busy schedules, juggling multiple projects and managing other priorities may take away from the attention and focus required to keep the process moving. 

Recruitment agencies are trained on the importance of maintaining control over the sourcing and interviewing process to maximize your probability of closing qualified candidates. If you lose control of the process, there may be a number of key factors that contribute to missing out on good candidates:

  1. Timely and immediate feedback increases the likelihood of getting a prompt response from candidates. 
  2. Candidates are often juggling multiple job opportunities and may lose interest if they don’t hear back in a timely manner. Prompt feedback (no longer than two business days) and securing time in their calendar for follow-up interviews will keep your candidates more engaged.
  3. If you are hiring by committee, have everyone involved in the process commit to resume and interview feedback prior to scheduling time with your candidates. This ensures everyone’s full commitment and removes barriers that may slow the process.
  4. Reducing time-to-hire is ultimately more efficient, and more cost-effective for your business. This reduces the amount of financial resources dedicated to hiring new staff, allowing your colleagues to focus on their projects.
  5. Detailed job descriptions cut down on the back-and-forth between managers and candidates, reducing confusion and expediting the screening process.

In short, considering the timing of feedback and responsiveness requests can improve the chances of getting prompt and meaningful responses. Working with a specialist agency is the fastest way to add a more efficient and thorough recruitment mechanism so that you can focus on your company goals. 

The consultants at CCL will help you and your team become better at finding the right talent, and increase the chances you secure the right people. What are the biggest challenges you have found when engaging the candidate market?



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