EPC Commissioning & Startup: Building your CSU Team


CCL recently embarked on a partnership with a leading U.S. engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company that had secured multiple significant scopes of work for oil and gas construction projects. These projects required a substantial number of contract laborers, particularly during the commissioning phase. CCL was approached to provide comprehensive support in identifying and recruiting the right expertise, as well as delivering payroll solutions, benefits, and contractor care services throughout the project lifecycle. This case study outlines the successful collaboration between CCL and the EPC company.

  1. Background: Recognizing the challenges of sourcing and managing specialized commissioning experts, the EPC company sought CCL’s recruitment team who focuses on highly skilled and specialized engineering, commissioning and technical roles. The project’s success heavily relied on assembling a skilled team, vetting suitable companies for recruitment and payroll, and ensuring efficient contractor support. Leveraging their expertise, CCL emerged as the preferred partner to support the EPC company’s requirements.
  2. Scope: Our client’s project represented some of the energy industry’s most notable contracts not only in dollar value, but the impact the new facilities would have on the U.S’s liquified natural gas (LNG) supply. The EPC needed to ramp up a team of the industry’s best commissioning and start-up experts and a robust workforce management support staff. The commissioning team, at peak phase, would be comprised of nearly 150 people focusing on all aspects of start-up duties including Electrical Instrumentation, Permit to Work, Completions, Start-up and more.
  3. Solution: The EPC company’s project managers and directors were accustomed to agencies that offered a hands-off approach when it came to providing workforce solutions. However, CCL’s distinct blend of ongoing support, technical expertise, and focus on contractor care positioned them as the ideal match for the company’s engineering group. CCL became the premier supplier, ensuring a seamless recruitment and payroll process for the contingent workforce.
  4. Comprehensive Support: CCL’s involvement extended beyond traditional recruitment and payroll services. We facilitated the mobilization of contractors from overseas, addressing the logistical complexities associated with international hiring. Additionally, amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, CCL played a pivotal role in supporting visa applications, enabling smooth contractor deployments during a time of global uncertainty.
  5. Contractor Care: CCL’s commitment to contractor care set them apart from other service providers. Their dedicated team focused on fostering a positive working relationship with the contractors, ensuring their needs were met and issues were promptly addressed. Moreover, CCL’s technical expertise played a crucial role in matching the right individuals with the project’s specialized commissioning requirements, ultimately contributing to the project’s success.
  6. Results and Ongoing Partnership: The collaboration between CCL and the EPC company yielded significant benefits. By delivering tailored recruitment solutions and comprehensive payroll services, CCL enabled the seamless integration of the contingent workforce into the project. Their meticulous contractor care approach fostered a positive working environment, resulting in increased productivity and job satisfaction. The ongoing partnership between CCL and the EPC company continues to drive success in workforce management, putting more people to work and ensuring client satisfaction.

The partnership between CCL and this major EPC exemplifies the value of a comprehensive workforce solution that holds its foundation in putting people first. This, combined with leveraging CCL’s experience in the energy industry and hands-on approach, has time and time again proven to be the winning formula.

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