Pipeline Construction: Global Mobility and Multi-Currency Payroll Challenges

Introduction: This case study explores how CCL, a leading provider of global mobility and multi-currency payroll solutions, assisted in overcoming compliance issues and ensuring seamless payroll management for their in-country staff.

  1. Background: CCL partnered with a renowned global pipeline service company who provide technology-driven asset management solutions including: integrated piping, pipeline integrity, intervention and inspection. In 2019, they faced significant commercial challenges resulting in the closure of their Russian entity. However, despite this setback, the company required a robust payroll mechanism to support their Russian employees who were vital to a major project based in Russia.
  2. Customized Solutions: Our consultative services were aimed at designing custom solutions to tackle complex compliance challenges. Understanding the importance of keeping in-country staff on payroll, CCL worked to identify and create a tailored payroll solution that met their specific needs.
  3. Local Partnership and Payroll Processing To address the payroll requirements of Russian employees, CCL meticulously vetted and selected a local partner in country. This partner was entrusted with the responsibility of processing the employees’ contracts, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and managing salary disbursements in the local currency. Furthermore, CCL assumed the role of overseeing all local tax and social security contributions, relieving our client of the associated administrative burden.
  4. Invoicing and Funding: CCL provided an efficient solution for invoicing, streamlining the financial aspects of the project. Recognizing the ongoing nature of the project in Russia, CCL proactively prefunded the necessary financial resources, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring uninterrupted payroll processing and project continuity.
  5. Global Mobility Support: In addition to managing payroll for their Russian employees, our client’s project necessitated consultants to travel to other countries for business purposes. CCL demonstrated its comprehensive global mobility capabilities by facilitating and organizing the logistical coordination of travel, rotations, accommodation and more. This streamlined approach allowed the consultants to focus on their core responsibilities while CCL took care of the intricate compliance aspects of their international demands.
  6. Results and Ongoing Partnership Through the collaboration with CCL, our client successfully overcame the compliance challenges associated with payroll management for their Russian employees. The custom payroll solution ensured that their in-country staff remained on payroll while complying with local regulations. The ongoing project in Russia continued seamlessly, thanks to CCL’s efficient invoicing and payrolling capabilities. Moreover, CCL’s support in managing global mobility requirements further enhanced operational efficiency.
  7. Conclusion This partnership highlights the importance of tailored solutions and expert consultative services that go well beyond recruitment. This successful collaboration showcases CCL’s expertise in global mobility and multi-currency payroll solutions, enabling organizations to navigate compliance hurdles effectively while focusing on their core operations.
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